What is a pescatarian and what do they eat?

What is a pescatarian and what do they eat?

The term pescatarian was coined in the early 1990s and is a combination of the Italian word for fish, “pesce,” and the word “vegetarian.” Sometimes it’s spelled “pescetarian,” but this means the same thing.

In scientific literature, this diet is often described as “pesco-vegetarian,” and is lumped into the spectrum of vegetarianism.

In today’s blog, we’ll talk about who are pescatarians and what do they eat – do you know any pescatarian?

A pescatarian is someone who adds fish and seafood to a vegetarian diet.
There are many reasons people choose to forgo meat and poultry, but still eat fish.

Some people choose to add fish to a vegetarian diet so they can get the health benefits of a plant-based diet plus heart-healthy fish. Others might be trying to curb the environmental impact of their diet.

It’s a largely plant-based diet of whole grains, nuts, legumes, produce and healthy fats, with seafood playing a key role as a main protein source.

Many pescatarians also eat dairy and eggs.
Of course, just as vegetarian diets can vary widely, so can pescatarian ones.


1 What do pescatarians eat?

Whole grains and grain products, legumes and their products, including beans, lentils, tofu and hummus, nuts and nut butters, peanuts and seeds, seeds, including hemp, chia and flaxseeds, dairy, including yogurt, milk and cheese, fruits, vegetables, fish and shellfish, eggs.

2 What pescatarians don’t eat?

Chicken, pork, lamb, turkey, wild game.

Adding seafood to a vegetarian diet gives you more options and is a good way to get protein, omega-3s and other nutrients.

There can be some drawbacks to eating a pescatarian diet. It’s easy to overeat carbs and some fish are high in mercury.


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